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White spots on teeth are very common and although they are not considered dangerous to your health, they may affect your confidence levels. Instead of acting as a symptom for a specific illness, they are often a condition paired with one of the following conditions:

  • Trauma or illnesses involving the teeth
  • Ingestion of too much fluoride as a child – possibly from toothpaste or water supplies
  • Loss of minerals from the enamel, usually due to poor brushing and multiplication of plaque acid on the enamel’s surface

If you wish to rid your smile of white spots, standard tooth whitening may not remove the mottled appearance completely.  The Icon treatment is the only effective way to remove white spots from your teeth without any drilling, discomfort to your mouth, or the unnecessary removal of part of your healthy tooth. Instead, Icon penetrates your tooth’s pores where the white spot is visible. Before penetration, a special gel is applied to the surface of the white spot to enlarge the pores to allow the tooth-coloured resin better access. Once the resin has permeated the tooth, it is light-cured, and the former white spot will take on the same colour and shade as the surrounding enamel.

The resin also doubles as a protective layer that fights the acidic destruction of your enamel, keeping your teeth whiter and healthier for longer.

If you are interested in the Icon treatment for white spots, book your initial consultation at Hilton Dental Care on 01283 735777.

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