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Hilton Dental Care offers dermal filler treatments as an effective, non-surgical, and cosmetic approach to improve your facial aesthetics and revitalise your skin.

Due to the ageing process or genetics, skin can become less supple. As a result, lips may lose their volume and naturally occurring lines, running from the nose to the mouth and chin to the mouth, may become more prominent and appear etched. Dermal and lip fillers can address unflattering appearances and provide a natural look.

The fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, a collagen naturally existing in the body. When the additional collagen is injected, it can absorb moisture, generate a plumping effect and gradually smoothen out creases and lines. The filler can also add volume to give a fuller appearance while treating your lips.

A filler treatment can enable lip augmentation and tackle nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Fillers with varying levels of thickness can be used, depending on the area to be treated. At your initial consultation, our practitioner can analyse your skin and medical history, evaluate your desired goal, determine the achievable look, and recommend the filler suited for optimal results.

To schedule a consultation, please contact Hilton Dental Care on 01283 735 777.

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